The Finder + The Keeper

The Finder and The Keeper are to the Sleepless Journaller what Lucien is to Morpheus. The Finder curates and The Keeper is the custodian. ‘Tis a rare day that The Keeper is as chatty as The Finder. Some truly iconic pieces must have come in. Today they make the most chirrupy of companions. Let’s see what they have for us.

The Finder chatters:

A fine day indeed, ladies and gentlemen! Might I present some gloves fit for a Khaleesi? Crocheted into “dragon scales” of various colour gradients, these fingerless gloves are both stylish and impressive. From deep, rich hues to grayscale, mareshop on Etsy has a great variety (including styles for armwarmers or just gloves that go only up to the wrist). I’m having trouble choosing a pair to suit Lady Sleepless… Perhaps the greyscale with a pop of colour but certainly not pink. Oh, and for those who would like to attempt making some themselves, you may find the pattern here.

Well, a Khaleesi must have her dragons and who cares if they’re a little roly poly? I do. I care a lot indeed. In fact, I am much in favour of this one Dragonite with its tiny wings and boisterous belly! Oh the vast disproportion enhances the adorableness! He was made alongside many other Pokemon “loaves” by artist Voidcraft. Alternatively, a pattern is available to purchase, for those more handy with DIY and crafts.

Our third item today is for those who love a combination of the bohemian lifestyle and the mysticism of the stars, the Astral Planes Throw by Enchanted Rumours is a distinctive black-and-bone tapestry that depicts the astrological signs and details such as ruling runes and elemental forces in a concentric pattern. Because we already have the Marauder’s Map Woven Tapestry throw, The Keeper might stay our hand on this purchase for now, but it is no doubt, a beautiful piece.


Oh, before I go, The Keeper and I will be accompanying Lady Sleepless to WonderCon this weekend! Look out for our haul in the coming episodes! Cheerio!

The Keeper bubbles over:

A most marvellous alliance! We are proud to have the reputable Smaug himself reside within our halls. Since he IS one of the greatest dragons of literary fiction, we could hardly call it an acquisition, but I digress… His likeness now majestically bellows smoke from his maw from fragrant incense cones in his belly in our hall while sitting atop a mound of gold and whatever coinage our Lady Sleepless tosses to him from time to time. The craftsmen have also adorned the base with dwarf face motifs, a little morbid though thematically appropriate. Ah, the Smaug Incense Burner emitting tendrils of jasmine-scented smokiness makes for a wonderfully zen atmosphere. What a delight.

We also have replicas of Cogsworth and Lumiere of Beauty and the Beast joining us from Beast’s Castle! The Finder merely pointed them out in the Land of Disney California and I had to agree, they were simply magnificent pieces! Both were eager to serve in our Lady Sleepless’ household and my, do they make an impression on those charmed by the Tale as Old as Time. In conjunction with the live action remake, which I must say was nothing short of enchanting, the re-release of these functional figures was well-timed. Now to see if we can engage the services of Mrs Potts and her entourage…

Last but not least, a most distinguished Fae: Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent in a beautifully enameled Disney Fantasy Pin* in Art Nouveau style. Of course, she is fittingly surrounded by glittering roses, a nod to Princess Aurora’s alias. The back of the pin is also embossed with her dragon form. Though these “Fantasy pins” may not have been commissioned by Disney, it is difficult to deny the amount of creativity that has gone into producing some of these pins, reaching an astonishing level of interactivity within the design such as well-integrated sliders (e.g simulating Rapunzel swinging by her hair around a tree). I look forward to seeing what the Fantasy pin community comes up with and am glad that such a vast repertoire of artistic liberties are available for us to enjoy.

*The Keeper’s Notes: Disney Fantasy Pins are fan-made Disney pins and are not tradeable within Parks. While I am well aware there is a debate on the legitimacy of these pins amongst various members of the internet population, I prefer to appreciate and admire the artistry for what it is. 



Disclosure: The Finder curates of his own will and was not pressed into service by any entity with regards to the excited ramblings of his finds. Nor was The Keeper under any such influence in his eloquent reviews. The Storm Library and Lady Sleepless may receive small recompenses for the items you choose to purchase but this in no way sways the independent assessments of them by the members of the Lady Sleepless’ household.


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