The Storm Library – A warm welcome

Welcome to the Storm Library.

Inspired by Beast’s massive collection of leatherbound editions and driven by the love of beautiful things from other worlds (fictional or real), this sanctuary space has grown from a single shelf in a shared bookcase to a cozy corner of a shared apartment. Perhaps one day I will be able to house it in a space befitting the grand collection it will grow into. For now, it is enough.

The pieces here are curated, meaningful and will strike a chord with story enthusiasts (I say story for they can come in the form of books, TV series or movies, what a time to be alive!). The Finder and The Keeper are my aides in the nurturing of this space and they are but two of the many entities of this realm; more whom you will meet in due time.

Some days there will be much chatter, clatter, and adventure, others a deep worded silence, but rain or shine, there will always be a story as is the way of the universe.

Long days and pleasant nights.

– Sonia, The Sleepless Journaller



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