The Finder + The Keeper

The Finder and The Keeper. Two lovely gentlemen who serve The Storm Library, much like Lumiére and Cogsworth, but to a not-so-grumpy Beast. Hopefully I am more of Belle to them than His Royal Grumpiness.Both of them are key to the maintenance and growth of the Storm Library. The Finder curates and The Keeper is the custodian. I hope you find them as companionable as I have over the years. Let’s see what they have for us today.

The Finder chatters:

Well hello! I am so glad for your patronage today kind Madames and Monsieurs! I had been telling Lady Sleepless for the longest time that The Keeper and my skills should be shared with the world. Make no mistake, The Storm Library is still very much Lady Sleepless’ private collection but our knowledge is welcome to you all. Without further ado, today’s curations are stormy with a brilliant (not necessarily silver) lining in honour of the place we proudly serve.


This rug of gradient stormy blue-grey hues outlined in geometric gold is a beautiful abstract depiction of the nature of The Storm Library. There’s something comforting about the brewing storm, amidst the chaos there is order. While I recommend it as a rug for Lady Sleepless, this product comes in many forms, from phone covers to wall tapestries.

My second find for today is this starry bronze on purple-black clock. It lends an element of mysticism to a space and is perfect for a minimalist room to one leaning towards bohemian styling. It is gorgeous in various other forms too such as a comfortertote bag and rug.


And the last item for my first introduction, is this beautiful rendering of the Eleventh Doctor by Alice X Zhang. She is an amazing artist and was truly able to capture the child-like wonder of the Doctor. There are other renditions of our favourite Time Lord though I believe Lady Sleepless has a little bias towards the Eleventh, with whom she began her first venture into the wobbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.

I could go on until the cows come home but there will be lots to share in time to come. Got to keep the steam engine going and not blaze out at one go! Looking forward to bringing you more treasures next time! Also, do feel free to drop us a message at The Storm Library should you have any questions or even recommendations for The Keeper or I.

The Keeper writes:

Good day, esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to The Storm Library. As Lady Sleepless must have mentioned earlier, this library comes from humble origins, a mere shelf in a bookcase, and now embodies a cozy nook in a room. One day it will unfurl its full grandiosity to rival Prince Adam’s but for now, we work with what we have. Let me showcase but three of my favourite acquisitions for this dream’s birthing. I still feel pride in my admiration of them and I hope you will, too, find them pleasing. (‘Tis a pity that these pieces are currently in storage so their promotional pictures will have to suffice. I promise actual photographs as much as possible in the future.)

Speaking of dreams, my first introduction comes from the realm of the Prince of Stories himself. Behold the DC Collectibles Vertigo The Sandman and Death Bookends (Second Edition)! It was fortunate that the creators decided to produce a second run of these in 2014 as I had missed the first run. I intend for them to majestically frame Lady Sleepless’ The Absolute Sandman Volumes.

Along the same vein, the DC Collectibles Vertigo Cover Girls: Death Statue is another proud acquisition. Her workmanship is exquisite, beautiful from every angle. Truly her artist put much thought into her pose and creation. When viewed from the front, “the sound of her wings” is more than an apt description, in fact, Death’s debut issue title in the Sandman series comes alive (much thanks to a well-positioned pigeon on her umbrella).

The last item for today is a Disney Parks exclusive I had come across by chance in Paris. A beautiful rendering of Maleficent in dragon form holds her human form in a snow globe. The only small regret I had was that the dragon’s eyes and maw were not painted in luminescent colour. No matter. ‘Tis a small enhancement easily added. Apologies, I digress. This is possibly the largest sculpture of Maleficent’s dragon form I have ever come across (with the exception of this papier-mâché sculpture of her head). Needless to say I was impressed. Time was of the essence (for Lady Sleepless was to be in Paris Disneyland for a short four days) and I made a snap decision which I never regretted, The Finder was most pleased (such are times where he gets to twist my arm into bringing home goodies instead of “thinking about it”).

Here concludes my first introduction to the Storm Library’s contents. There is much to share and many more will come. At times I will revisit items that The Finder had previously mentioned. It is always a joyous occasion when I give the green light on these and we would be glad for you to partake in the slice of happiness.

Until next time.

Yours faithfully,

The Keeper.

(I do apologise if some of the items are difficult to find or expensive to obtain. There are times where the item I acquire for The Storm Library will be limited editions and some introductions backdated. Nonetheless, The Finder and I do hope to be of service to your collections for upcoming pieces in the future.)

Disclosure: The Finder curates of his own will and was not pressed into service by any entity with regards to the excited ramblings of his finds. Nor was The Keeper under any such influence in his eloquent reviews. The Storm Library and Lady Sleepless may receive small recompenses for the items you choose to purchase but this in no way sways the independent assessments of them by the members of the Lady Sleepless’ household.


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