From Her Ladyship’s Journal

Today’s adventure fortuitously takes us to romantic France and the enchanting tale of Beauty and the Beast. The Red Rose Taverne at Fantasyland served up the most delectable Grey Stuff Gateau. The swirls of grey icing composed of cookies and cream hide a surprise of red velvet cake topped with a raspberry inside. I hear that Walt Disney World, Florida serves chocolate cake as the interior though, I must say, I favour the greater contrast of the deep rose red against the grey.

I cannot help but admire how wondrously this dessert illustrated our dear Belle, beautiful yet always with more under the surface, the brilliant red rose amongst the dull village, the classic Disney Princess dreaminess contrasted with a sharp mind and a kind heart.


I was also fortunate enough to watch the live action of Beauty and the Beast on its opening day and I was truly impressed. Without inking too many secrets, I believe it suffices to say that the production subtly filled in details that enhanced the original to even grander levels of storytelling richness. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Long days and pleasant nights.

The Sleepless Journaller



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