Insomnia is my shadow self. When I’m awake (which is most of the time) I take photographs, travel, bullet journal, try new things and geek out.

Documented here are my energy-filled days, contemplative nights and the many tea-steeped moments in between. At first sight, you will find a seemingly disjointed, eclectic collection converging in a five-foot small Asian girl who’s somehow British on the inside. Yet it all comes together in the few wise words of Neil Gaiman, “Make Good Art”. Complementing him is Marie Kondo’s bright, delicate question, “Does it spark joy?” All the while, the Comfort Principle reigns at home waltzing with Miss Adventure.

Perhaps then you will open your eyes to the star-filled ocean that inhabits my tiny corner in the universe illuminated by the soft glow of an iPad Pro.

Come find out what I’m up to.


Welcome to the Storm Library

Some girls love makeup, others love clothes… I love books. In the wee hours of the night, when my shadow self (dear old Insomnia) wants some company or is keening to go on an adventure, I turn on my Ikea NOT Lamp (lovingly dubbed The Street Lamp, which street no one knows for it always changes), pluck a book from the shelf and turn a page into a path.

Inspired by Beast’s massive collection of leatherbound editions and driven by the love of beautiful things from other worlds (fictional or real), this sanctuary space has grown from a single shelf in a shared bookcase to a cozy corner of a shared apartment. Perhaps one day I will be able to house it in a space befitting the grand collection it will grow into. For now, it is enough.

The pieces here are curated, meaningful and will strike a chord with story enthusiasts (I say story for they can come in the form of books, TV series or movies, what a time to be alive!). Feel free to draw inspiration and share your finds with me.


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